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Cole's Journey through Depression in Photos

June 11, 2014

Cole Arlandson is a recent Anderson New Tech grad and Cottonwood resident who believes there needs to be more mental health services for young people. He expresses himself through photography.

Photography is important to me because it allows me to express what I am feeling inside without speaking directly about it. Any art form allows this, but I particularly enjoy photography. I tend to focus my work on landscape, still life, and nature. expired sites . I do this because these things in themselves are a wondrous beauty that many are unaware of. Similar to people. Just because you feel invisible and uncared for does not mean that there's no one trying to capture you in their Pentax lenses.

"This photo and the one below symbolize the road and journey through depression. At times you cannot see your future and what is ahead. Other times it's a cold and lonely battle."

The photo of the butterfly captures several different things: fragility, but also hope. Butterflies live their entire lives searching for flowers in which to land on; this one has found an entire field.

This photo captures the icy walk of depression and the feeling that it's almost impossible to travel this journey without falling through the cracks. The branches on the other side are something to hold onto. ask tiava . You see where you need to go, you can visualize happiness; but don't know how you can get there.

This photo symbolizes the need for forgiveness; no one deserves to feel hatred for anyone else regardless of their actions and regardless of your own pain.