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This Mental Health Month: Make the Pledge!

May 1, 2014

Ending the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide is a personal choice, and National Mental Health Month is the perfect time to exercise this right.

Now is your chance to make your own personal mental health pledge in the space provided below. Here are a few ideas.

  • Everyone - Pledge to acknowledge you have mental health and write what you will do to care for your own mental wellness.
  • Landlords and Employers - Pledge to provide reasonable accommodations for people living with mental health challenges.
  • Medical Care Providers - Pledge to talk with your patients about their mental health and provide referrals as needed. Physical and mental health are closely related!
  • Parents and Family Members - Pledge to listen with care as your loved ones share their challenges with you. Your support can make all the difference.
  • Young People - Pledge to stand up for people who are being treated differently because of their mental health conditions. You can be a friend to a person who feels completely alone.
  • Everyone - Pledge to watch your language. Words like “crazy,” and casual uses of “bipolar” or “schizo” are profoundly hurtful to someone struggling with mental health challenges
  • Everyone - Pledge to learn more about about suicide, recovery and mental health diagnoses.Check out and to learn more about stigma, mental health issues and local mental health resources.[vfb id=2]

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