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"What Those Left Behind Wish They Had Said" - A Shasta Lake Teen's "Get Well Card" for Her Friend Who Cuts

December 5, 2014

Why don't many people send Get Well cards for loved ones with mental health struggles? One Central Valley High School student saw through the stigma and created this artistic work for a friend. Read her statement explaining why below.

About the Author

Dotty Amtsberg is a 17-year-old student at Central Valley High School, and she is the second born of seven children. Her family has lived all over Shasta County, and she used to enjoy soccer and wrestling before giving up sports in high school.

She writes:
"I was inspired by an Australian friend on deviantART whom I collaborate with and who was cutting because she has severe attachment issues and had problems with other people on the deviantART community. I drew a card to help her feel better as it was Suicide Prevention Week as well. The little mousy creature drawn in the back was meant to be cheery, as we have this joke between us that we “wanted” a pet panda-mouse to keep in our pocket and feed bamboo.

The outside of the card is bright, colorful, and cheery to look like a normal “get well card,” but interior is grayscale and no picture to reflect the seriousness of suicide being a serious disease."

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If you or someone you know is harming themselves, learn to start a conversation without judgment and call 225-5252 to talk to someone about getting mental health services.